Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital




Visitor Restrictions

We are temporary restricting visitors to prevent spread of COVID-19.
No visitors are allowed except in the following circumstances:

Inpatients may have one (1) visitors of his/her family members upon hospital's request on the dates of Admission, Discharge, Surgery and Meetings with medical providers. All designated visitors are required to:

● On arrival in hospital, wear a face mask and report and sign in at reception to receive a visitor budge. Visitors without the face mask and visitor budge are not permitted on wards.
● Before and after a visit, clean hands with hand sanitizer or soap.
● No visitors with cold or flu-like symptoms are permitted on wards.

When delivering the necessity for hospital admission solely, visitors are NOT permitted to enter patient rooms. All visitors must follow the restrictions above and instructions provided by ward nurses or clerks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding to keep everyone safe.